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GOD LUCK vs. "good luck"


GOD LUCK vs. "good luck". Alhtough these words are extremely similar, their meaning is vastly different. Growing up I would use the term "good luck" all of the time, not giving it a second thought. My mom, however, did, and "good luck" didn't seem to sit right with her. See here is my mom's story about how the term "God Luck" came about...

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"Over the many years of Hayley growing up I had said, numerous times, good luck to her, as she tried out for soccer, worried about a test, wanted to make it through a trying day with friends, and many other countless ways.

One day, when I was sitting at my computer, thinking about my sweet daughter and her upcoming audition for a Broadway musical . . . I had to pause for a moment . . . how many times in my life had I said good luck to her?

I thought about that for a while and the “light bulb” went on in my head! I really didn’t mean good luck . . . I meant GOD LUCK!! I loved her so much, but I wanted her to feel content with whatever the outcome because even though she could try her best and BE the best, GOD will determine the outcome. She just needed to know that no matter what happened it was ALL GOD’S PLAN and PURPOSE. God knows what is the best for her and knows His purpose in her life.

So, from that moment on, I have realized that it is never good luck in your life . . . it is GOD LUCK!! Whatever the circumstance it is all because of God’s purpose in your life. Put your faith in God, seek Him and trust Him, and let it happen according to his purpose in your life.

"good luck" implies good fortune by chance.

God Luck™ means no matter what the outcome, God is always with you, working according to His purpose.

Whether you are focusing on that next dance performance, preparing for an important interview, trying out for the basketball team, or learning of a loved one’s illness . . . remember the simple message of God Luck . . . purpose. not chance.

Some might say that it "easy" to believe that God has "purpose for your life" if all is going well. Or that God Luck is an easy phrase when it pertains to things like math tests and auditions. However, over this past year of 2014, my mom's phrase, God Luck, has hit home in a very real way. She got diagnosed with a rare type of breast cancer and has been battling with it for the past year. During the extreme ups and downs of cancer, the quesitons and life and death are real, and the fears, anxities, tears, and emotions that come along with it. Through this journey, my mom had every reason to to question if God really had purpose in her life...What about now? with cancer?... I can attest that even through the difficult questions and the most trying of days, my mom has autentically stood by the truth that God is always with her, no matter what the outcome, and she knows that with cancer or with out cancer, God has a purpose in her life. She prays that she can Love God and Love People through this time, as she brings glory to Him. And that she does.

If you want to check out more about God Luck, visit our website at, or check out Hayley Mac's store for some God Luck merchandise.

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