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About Me


Touring the country as early as 8 years old gave Hayley the great privledge and highest honor of working and being mentored by some of the most legendary dancers the industry has known: Henry Le Tang and Gregory Hines. Endless hours in the studio, on the road, practicing in the garage and teaching herself the old steps from great films of Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly gave her the style, work ethic, and determination that still drives her today.  Starting off as a tap dancer, Hayley began to master all styles of dance and theatre, as she has been blessed to captivate audiences by her unique style all over world, and in virtually all venues of the entertainment industry.  You may have seen her starring in musicals such as “42nd Street”, as a featured dancer in commercials and on MTV, or as a solo artist on Television networks such as CBS, Fox, Live Talk-shows and radio broadcasts. Her diverse talents also gave her the distinguised opportunity to be the creative director and star in an Original “One-Woman Show”, showcasing her tap dancing and jazz vocal talent-opening for the comedic icon, Rita Rudner. Hayley has been asked to perform and open at many prestigious events including the "Annual Choreography Awards for Cinema and Television”, at the Olympics in Atlanta, GA, Disney World and numerous black tie affairs for Professional Sports teams and celebrities. 


In addition to performance, Hayley has gained high accolades for her artistry and choreography. She is known for producing innovative dance works that uniquely blend multiple forms of fine art .  Her work has been broadcast live around the world as the choreographer for the Emmy nominated Showstopper Dance Championships, as well as the opening and closing ceremonies for the World Championships of Performing Arts.  She has been featured in Dance Magazine, choreographed thousands of works for dance companies and universities around the country, as well as co-creating, choreographing, and starring in an Original musical debuting on the West Coast.  Additionally, she has mentored, trained, and choreographed for many top 10 dancers on "So You Think You Can Dance".  Still, Hayley's greatest passion is to teach and positively influence dancers in this generation-she travels extensively around the country teaching hundreds of thousands of dancers as a 'master teacher' and motivational speaker.


In addition to her creative talent, Hayley also places a high value on education, graduating from Pepperdine University in Liberal Arts with an emphasis in Theatre as well as a Master’s Degree in Instructional Leadership-where she spent most of her time doing research on the effects of dance on body image and researching the most effective teaching methods for dance education.  Her Christian faith is essential to who she is as she strives to Love God and Love People through all things.  She currently resides in Kansas City, Missouri with her husband Cameron and two sons, Miles and Mackswell. 


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