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Do you dream of being a professional dancer? Professional Singer? Professional Actor? Do you want to be your best? Do you want to nail that next audition, next performance, next class? Do you wish you could have that one private lesson from the BEST in the entertainment industry or get NOTICED by that one agent that could get you  THE audition? Protique is. for. you. 


Protique provides an online professional critique to aspiring dancers, singers, actors, and musicians.  It's as simple as uploading your raw video through our APP, and in hours getting your video back with a detailed annotated critique by a world-class industry professional, so you can be better prepared for your next audition, competition, or performance.  It's a groundbreaking movement that we are providing: young artists will be able to have direct and immediate access to top industry professionals at an affordable price.  Be critiqued by the best, so you can be your best. 


It's easy. To submit your video, download our new mobile APP. Submit your video. And wait only a few days to have one of the best performing artists in the industry break down your video and send it back to you fully loaded with an honest and encouraging critique. 


Protique. Online Professional Critique. 


Be critiqued by the best, so you can be your best. 






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